What Are You Looking for in an Accountant?

I’m a sole practitioner, which means that I work alone. Someday I’ll have an assistant or two. And maybe I’ll even get ambitious enough to hire an accountant or take on a partner. But I’m not sure about that. I worry about losing the quality of my service and my work. Really! That is my biggest concern with expanding and growing.

choosing an accountantWhile I would love to have the extra income that comes with this kind of growth, I know that it has the potential to change my business, whether I want it to or not. And so I’m careful about that and want to make sure that I do whatever I can to minimize this. Which brings to me another concern: what people look for in an accountant.

It’s tax time. Or at least the beginnings of it. And that means that I’m starting to get calls from people who are looking for an accountant. And every single one of them, so far, cares only about one thing: price. But price isn’t the main factor in having an accountant. Sure, I know at my prices are lower than most professional firms. And for most things, even lower than H&R Block. But most of my clients are small business owners. They want an upfront quote. I’ve been trapped with that before, so am reluctant to give it. Why? Continue reading